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    Name Article number Version Functions
    1200-S sc Combinated pH sensor LXV426.99.10001 V1.13 Download
    1720E LPV417.99.00002 V2.10 Download
    1735 TRO SENSOR 936x0x0 V2.04 Download
    3798-S sc ind. Conductivity LXV428.99.00001 V1.12 Download
    37xx sc inductive Conductivity LXV428xxx V1.08 Download
    5500AMC Ammonia Monochloramine Analyzer 5500.AMC.1.KTO V1.1 Download
    5500sc + 961x sc Silica - Phosphate Analyser & V1.03 Download
    5740 sc conventional DO LXV425.99.00001 V1.04 Download
    8362sc 6178000 6178001 V1.06 Download
    9180 sc LXV43xxx V1.11 Download
    A-ISE sc LXV440xxx V1.02 Download
    AMTAX sc LXV421xxx V1.90 Download
    AN-ISE sc LXV440xxx V1.05 Download
    CLx10 LXV45xxx 298xxx V1.10 Download
    EVITA sc Gateway 081B5011.99.001 V1.03 Download
    FP360 sc LXV441xxx V1.15 Download
    FT660 sc LPV421.99.00002 V1.11 Download
    LDO II LXV416.99.20001 V1.22 Download
    LDO sc (old) LXV416.99.0000x V1.50 Download
    N-ISE sc LXV440xxx V1.02 Download
    NH4D sc LXV437xxx V2.06 Download
    NITRATAX clear sc LXV420xxx V3.12 Download
    NITRATAX eco sc LXV415xxx V3.12 Download
    NITRATAX plus sc LXV417xxx V3.12 Download
    NO3D sc LXV442xxx V1.03 Download
    pH combination sc 6120600 V1.05 Download
    PHOSPHAX sc High Range LXV422.xx.2xxxx V1.90 Download
    PHOSPHAX sc Low Range LXV422.xx.1xxxx V1.90 Download
    Polymetron 9500 Contacting Conductivity Module 9525800 v1.02 Download
    Polymetron 9500 Controller only 9500.xx.xxxx v2.01 Download
    Polymetron 9500 Inductive Conductivity Module 9525800 v1.02 Download
    Polymetron 9500 pH/ORP Module 9525700 v1.00 Download
    Polymetron 9523 Calculated pH - Cationic Conductivity Analyzer 9523.xx.xxPx v1.02 Download
    Polymetron 9582 Dissolved Oxygen 9582.xx.xxPx v1.01 Download
    Polymetron 9586 Oxygen Scavengers 9586.xx.xxPx v1.01 Download
    RTC interface card YAB117 V4.0 Download
    sc200 4/20mA Input Module 8782500 V1.02 Download
    sc200 Conductivity Ind Module 9013000 V2.02 Download
    sc200 Conductivity Module 9013005 V2.02 Download
    sc200 DO Module 9012900 V2.02 Download
    sc200 pH ORP Module 9012905 V2.02 Download
    sc200 PW Flow Module 9012700 LXV404xxx V1.02 Download
    sc200 US Flow Module 9012700 V1.02 Download
    SOLITAX sc LXV423xxx V2.19 Download
    SONATAX sc LXV431xxx V1.11 Download
    Surface Scatter 7 (SS7) LPV43x.99.00002 V1.01 Download
    TSS sc LXV32xxx V41.71 Download
    TU5300sc LXV445.xx.xxxx2 P01 Download
    TU5400sc LXV445.xx.xxxx2 P01 Download
    ULTRATURB sc LPV415xxx V3.04 Download
    UVAS sc LXV418xxx V3.00 Download
    ´╗┐sc1000 mA Output External Module LZX919 V2.20 Download

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